What’s Inside a Temescal System: The Temescal System Advantage

A Temescal system is a production tool, designed for maximum efficiency, high throughput precision coating. This guiding philosophy dictates many of the system design decisions that run through our entire product line.

Vacuum Pumping

Nobody likes waiting for a system to pump down, but when it’s a production tool, waiting is expensive. That’s why Temescal systems maximize the vacuum pumping capacity, so you pump down fast instead of waiting.

This is also why Temescal systems feature a load lock separation between the process chamber and the source chamber. This feature enables you to service your process materials, then pump back down without losing vacuum in your process chamber. Practically speaking, what it means is faster process cycles, shorter wait times and increased process throughput.

The Temescal PopTop Supersource

The Poptop gun is an electron beam source that has been uniquely optimized for processes that use multiple materials. With its pneumatically actuated Poptop crucible cover, the Poptop is able to seal inactive crucible pockets, eliminating cross-contamination and improving process results.

HULA–High Uniformity Lift-off Assembly

One of the most significant elements in the Auratus enhancement package is the patented High-Uniformity Lift-off Assembly (HULA) with a unique, magnetically-driven dome assembly. With its dual-axis motion, the HULA ensures that all wafers spend equivalent periods in the high-density and low-density regions of the vapor cloud.

Temescal Control System

The Temescal Control System (TCS) provides fully integrated, recipe-driven process and vacuum control. Operating in any of three password-protected modes, the TCS also offers process variable monitoring, process and historical trend tracking, and process data logging.

Additional Temescal System Advantages

TemEBeam EBC Integrated Controller

Our TemEBeam EBC controller bundles all of the sophisticated sweep pattern and system management capabilities required to achieve ultimate uniformity into a single, easy-to-operate integrated platform.

E-Beam Controllers

Fast Recovery Power Supply

Temescal power supplies are exceptionally responsive with fast arc handling, low arc rates, consistent deposition rate and high source utilization. These characteristics lead to a more stable processes and better control of final thickness and reduced batch-to-batch variation.

E-Beam Power Supplies

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