Vacuum Deposition System Components and Accessories

Whether you’re looking for replacement parts for your existing Temescal system or retrofit parts to upgrade your existing system with premium Temescal components, Temescal offers a complete line of components and kits to meet your requirements.

Temescal E-Guns

Ferrotec Temescal offers a wide range of guns, for various process applications. Pop-Top Multi-Pocket, Standard Multi-Pocket, Single-Pocket guns are available along with accessories, crucibles, crucible covers, crucible liners, emitters, feedthrough kits, indexers, wire feeders.

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Temescal Power Supplies

Temescal offers 6, 12 and 15 kW e-beam power supplies with super fast arc recovery.

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Temescal Controllers

From the TemEbeam EBC Integrated E-Beam Controller to the XTC/3 thin film Deposition Controller, Temescal offers a line of options for your application requirements.

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