There is no alien invasion, it’s just our Auratus line of Temescal Systems. Our conic-shaped chambers are taking over in compound semiconductor production facilities as the world’s leading manufacturers adopt our Auratus enhanced line of Temescal electron beam deposition systems. We vaporize metals more efficiently. We deliver uniformity. We return unmatched savings. The results are overwhelming.

Temescal’s Auratus deposition enhancement methodology enables unprecedented uniformity and up to 40% savings on process material costs, but it is only available on select Temescal systems.

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Auratus is a proprietary optimization methodology for lift-off electron beam evaporative coating that incorporates patent pending technology to achieve unprecedented levels of uniformity, precision, and collection efficiency. Auratus enables Temescal customers to coat wafers with near perfect uniformity, resulting in more consistent, better quality products and fewer defects. Temescal’s Auratus methodology also has the capability to increase the effective deposition rate, enabling customers to increase throughput.

Unprecedented Uniformity

The Auratus deposition process enhancement methodology coats wafers with near perfect uniformity, resulting in more consistent, better quality products and fewer defects.

Eliminating the need for developing new uniformity masks for each process layer also speeds up production time.

Dramatic Savings

With lift-off metallization coating processes on a conventional box coater, an inefficient optimization to the flux cloud typically results in an excessive use of process metals. In addition to the material that get’s deposited on the wafers, process metals also get dispersed throughout the chamber. You can recover some of that through system service and recycling, but you can’t reclaim all of it. It’s like you’re vaporizing money.

Our revolutionary process enhancement methodology gives you significant reductions in material consumption. For evaporants such as gold and platinum, this can mean savings of up to 40% in material costs.

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